Month: September 2011

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We Built This City

Alright then. Couple of things to talk about today. First of all, school is back in session. So these updates may be less frequent, but more stuffed full of, um, well stuff. Second, I got the City level all working. It looks more or less like this: You’ll notice, especially if you look at the…
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Living in the City

Alright then. Up next on the magic hit parade of levels (where the hits just don’t stop!) is the City level. What’s that you say? There wasn’t a city type level in the original planning? You’d be correct if you said that, although about the same amount of correct if you wrote it though. Anyway,…
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Training Day

Bloody hells I hate the level that I’m building. It’s just not working. I keep throwing ideas and assets at the thing, but for some reason it simply refuses to come together in a way that I’m happy with at the point in the game that the level is. I’m talking, by the way, about…
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