Month: August 2011

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Changing Track

I’m not having any fun with trains. I’m really not. I hate the little cars and the little turrets that ride those rails like old timey vagabond rail riding people. That last sentence really came apart like a cheap parachute didn’t it? Anyway, the reason that I hate them is because the math is dicking…
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The Speed of Ground

I figured that going with something as simple at Crazy Train would be too easy (unlike spelling today – I’ve had to backspace out 6 times just now, including but (7) not limited to the word “spelling”…it’s (8) going to be one of those kind of posts). So after the last time I got to…
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Thinking Out Loud

Let’s get this out of the way right now – this post doesn’t really do anything and odds are won’t make too much sense. For kicks and because I’m thinking about it, I thought I would go through the process of figuring something out here on the blog. A kind of moment to moment look…
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The Quiet Flicker of Invincibility

Lots of good work done yesterday. Insomnia will do that from time to time, keeping me up into the wee hours with little to occupy my time but lots of things that would like to get done. I’ll start with the levels. The Desert stage (as opposed to the Dessert stage natch) is in the…
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