Month: July 2011

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Order Up

Okay then, the Easy Path Mountains are good to go. I like them, and they are easy-ish. The thing about them is that they are the 3rd level on the easy path (if you count the first level as an easy level, which I do). So it can’t be too easy, since it’s a little…
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Rolling Along

So much good stuff that I can’t talk about. No posts last weekend because I was enjoying the delights of the SD Comic Con, both delectable and nerdy, many of which occurred almost simultaneously. There’s something immensely gratifying about eating oysters and then queuing up to play Star Wars : The Old Republic (Imperial Bounty…
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Re-Cursing at the Screen

I will get around to making these more frequent. Although there is a lot of stuff to cover each time I load up ye’ olde blog machine to write one of these. The hours are getting eaten up by other…well, stuff. Good stuff though. Very positive stuff, but stuff I can’t really talk about. Consequently,…
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Map Maker

Been busy recently, lots of stuff to talk about, yet will probably talk about most of it later. Instead, I’m going to go into creating levels for Paper Zeppelin. If you’d look over yonder => at the Big List for Paper Zeppelin (a term which now appears on the first page for the Google Machine…
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