Month: June 2011

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Balancing Act

I get the impression as I sit down to write this that I’m probably not finishing this the same day I started. I mean, I already wrote a bunch of stuff this morning, and otherwise had a good day developing levels. I got to thinking about an age old game design fact – when developing…
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Falling Up

Did some playtesting recently, or rather, I had some playtesting done and I came to a couple of conclusions. First of all, Paper Zeppelin is kind of difficult. I watched my tester get killed no fewer than 5 times before they got the whole dodging while firing thing down. Second, the Turret Enemies are too…
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Smoke and Mirrors

Let’s start this off properly, although “properly” precludes any kind of irony laced drama regarding the last post. I won. It doesn’t surprise me given the record of my brain versus, well, most things, but I feel good about it anyway. Yes yes, I am fully aware that talking about the intellectual machismo that my…
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Double Tap

Again, so much time and so little things to do. Ah, wait, I got that wrong…and not on purpose. Cripes I’m tired. Reverse that, switching the “time” and “things” parts of the first sentence and…it still doesn’t make sense. Let’s assume that you know what I’m talking about and move forward from there.Right then, been…
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Shiny Little Pieces

Lots of stuff done recently, but no time to write about it. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Wrecks work now. So when things crash they explode and create fire and debris particles (from the particle generator!) then create a smoking hulk of a thing that continues to smoke and burn like so many doomed…
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