Month: May 2011

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Level Up

Principal Coding is done. That’s right. I said it, the principal coding is all done. The different classes and objects and the level system works. The game, fundamentally…works now. Of course The Thief’s Tale worked for a damn long time while I was still working on it, but now I can move along to the…
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More of a Particular Kind of Fun

Particles. Again with the particles. On the one hand, I am spending 2 days now working with particles, which given there importance in the project seems kind of small. On the other, the more things I can do procedurally, then the fewer things I end up having to animate. So a couple hours may save…
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A Particular Kind of Fun

Man, it is so bloody late right now. 2:37 (37!) according to the clock in the corner of the screen. But it’s been a very productive couple of hours. I’ll start with the somewhat boring stuff, and then get to the titles.As of now, Paper Zeppelin is pretty tight from a memory usage standpoint. I…
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Resolution Resolution

I’ve been doing a surprising amount of thinking about time and the length of things recently, mostly because when driving for 7+ hours the mind winders a bit. Occasionally it wanders into Mathemagic Land. But since I am building a shooter after all, math and me have become pretty good friends. What I was thinking…
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