Month: January 2010

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The Once and Future Something or Other

Controller input is done. All done. From the front menu to the combat controls, the buttons and the sticks just work. With their inclusion, the game just works better. I’ve found that sometimes you get used to something without it necessarily being the best way. Like originally the Double Jump was done by pressing Up…
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No real game development news today, but I do have something simmering which may turn out to be downright delicious. Maybe I’ll have more about that later. Hopefully.Instead what I have is something that I promised a long time ago. Now, for your enjoyment you can get the original The Thief’s Tale that our plucky…
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Control Freak

The controls are more or less all done for The Thief’s Tale now. The sticks work and everything is really quite ducky. Other than the combat controls which are a totally different thing altogether. In any event, they work. You can run around using the controller, and the front menu is more of less correct…
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(Get)ting a Clue

I’ll get right into the titles today. I tend to ramble about before finally getting to the point, and not so today. Well, maybe a little. You see, I can, and do, write about everything involved in my game projects be they good, bad, or incredibly stupid. It allows me to comment on them in…
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Paper Zeppelin

I’ve been making some really excellent process on the finer points of C# and Object Oriented Programming in general. My previous work in Blitz Basic, while admittedly different is very similar on a basic level. Game Loops work the same, code logic works the same and input has almost the same code but with brackets.…
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