Month: November 2009

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Over the weekend I had but a single goal – to get the Wall level mapped out. So I had a sit down equipped with my trusty pencil and graph paper and began to sketch. After a few minutes, I decided that I hated what I had created (rhyme!) flipped a page and tried again.…
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Corner Painting

I’m finding that I do emails more than anything else right now. The programming stuff I have left to do is add controller support, get it to jive on my XBox and do some AI stuff. All of that of course requires a controller and/or enemy animations. So I’m waiting and getting on the stuff…
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Rocket Launcher

The front end’s all done now. It was done, from a coding perspective, but now it’s done from a “doesn’t suck and works like it was supposed to in the first place” perspective. I find it to be adorable. I can open levels, close levels, leave the game loop, hop back in and get my…
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A Great Big Stick

Up until almost 1 AM yesterday. I like being up late, it puts the next morning into a new, unremembered context and smooths out the unpleasantness. Anyway, I was doing the Lord’s work and experimenting with the laws of science.Dealing once again with the Shadow Maps idea and the total lack of speed, I thought…
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Speed Racer

Over the weekend I got to fiddling with the shadow code some more, and turned to my old friend the CAD menu to do an experiment. It was posited that maybe, the code wasn’t the problem, the processor was simply too slow. Maybe the code as it is, is too big a bloated from something…
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