Month: June 2009

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Plop / Superman

Falling is in now, with Physics! Installed it, got it working and fired it up. When I loaded the Jump Program, whipped out the sword, smacked around the Knight and dropped him off like he was hot. The new Physics(!) kicked in, grabbed the enemy in it’s iron Mathemagical grip and he fell to the…
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Gentle Landing

Huzzah. That’s one. Finished, all done, colored in on The List over there => The knock down code works, and it’s nice and solid, I even have frame counts, so I’ll add those to The List too…and…done. It’s Orange! That let’s you know that it’s done. So yesterday I went in and added parts for…
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Golden Arches

Dammit, the knock the enemies down code finally works. I found that it wasn’t the falling function per se, it was all the rest of the bloody things. Basically, if you make an enemy airborne all the cute little things that the AI controls, like turning around at walls and the ends of platforms will…
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Falling Down

I’m working over the AI states, installing the final Fall Down code and getting the Combo system to work on some level. So, 3 hits and the enemies fall down. It’ll be a bigger deal with bosses, but what can you do? As I’m doing it, it seems that the Combo addition goes twice per…
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A Dizzying Height

I’ve read that a good design, like a bonsai tree has everything unnecessary cut out. So in the last 3 minutes I’ve managed to do hours of work by chopping stuff out that worked well on paper, but failed when I got to seriously thinking about it come implementation time. For example, there is no…
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