Month: May 2009

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The Big List

I sat down and did The List today. Wrote out all of the things that need doing for the game to be at a state that can be polished and played by other people. This list is Massive. Quite staggering honestly and it’s posted over yonder => for your (delusional much? nobody reads this) reading…
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Guarded Behaviour

Blocks work again. I spent last night making that happen. Getting hurt too. I found that when you hit an enemy they stayed hit for all of 1/30th of a second, and the proceeded to beat the hell from you again (metaphorically speaking – combat collision for the new combat system forthcoming). So after some…
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Yesterday I got the beginning of the En Guarde behaviour in for enemies. It’s not quite done yet and now enemies flicker when they’re trying to block since every frame they snap back and forth between having their little shield bubble up and just standing there. I should be able to get that all done…
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A Trick of Perspective

Today is a big day. Big-ish anyway. But first, news.Yesterday I got the AI upgraded. Added some failsafe mechanisms to the attack drawing code so it’ll stop crashing, added AI for the enemies being hurt and added a way for the system to remember what it did last, so it doesn’t do it again. The…
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The Sixth Man

Yesterday I met and added a new member to the Star Frog Project. Let’s call him the Level Designer. All in all it went well, although I did discover that you can apparently cobble together something that plays like my engine in about 2 hours on Game Maker, but controls like ass. In any event…
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Animated Hate

What’s that? No new post for over a week? If I keep this up I may lose my rap as being prolific or verbose. Well, I’ve been beating that stupid animation bug for the last 5 days. The posts would have gone something like this: “Tried some stuff, still broken.” So, I went ahead and…
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Page 6 Girl

I got most of the instructions for ThiefEd written out. I need to compress the Source again and post it up someplace where people can get it – like the Programmer and Level Designer. After I had written it all down, it came out to be 6 pages in Word. I was a little confused…
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Headlong Attack

Attacking is approaching something that could be considered to work. I figured out what I meant by the variables I used through use of deduction and clever use of a drawn out map. Of course, clever use of the variable names could have, and would have, saved me a bunch of time in that regard,…
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Lincoln Log

The blocking is done, I think. I seems to work. A little bubble appears around the enemy of a certain color, the correct variables are, um, correct and they do stuff correctly afterwards. I think. I haven’t put the new pretty animations in, so I’m not quite sure if it’s working. I’m doing that right…
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A Death in the Family

I’ve heard terrible news from The ADA, his computer died. As is our custom, in death, computers get a name. It’s name was Apple. Let’s take a moment. I’ll wait.

Building Blocks

I’m ankle deep in fencing and making stuff work and discovered the following bugs: -The character would “stick” to walls better on the right side, requiring a push towards the wall on the left to get the jump to work. I changed the parameters of the left side rectangle and it’s way smoother now. -The…
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