Month: April 2009

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Well I’m out $69.95. That sucks, but I should have my stuff soon. The computer is doing another seance. It seems this one is just Mostly Dead which means that it’s still Slightly Alive. Although were I to push after blowing air into it, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t say anything, let alone, “True Love.”…
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PAX Pass

I received word back about PAX. It is expensive. There is no indie area. I’ll pester the dudes that run the place at Comic-Con. They seem approachable in a way. So, with no indie area, I’d need a booth like a real grown-up, and those run me $2100 a pop. It’d be 10 X 20,…
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The Showcase Showdown

Data’s still out, but I can get it back, so I’m not as stressed as I was previously. The bit of info I don’t have is how much it will cost. Either Free (I like free) or $69.95 worth of over a barrel unpleasantries. In any event, it is there, so I can continue with…
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Arcane Sorcery

Right now the computer is doing, um, something. It’s scanning the Lazarus Drive and looking for my sweet delicious data. I feel like I’m involved in some kind of Digital Seance, using a Ouija Board marked with only a 1 and a 0. Messages from the dead may be coming through, but I’m not in…
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Struggle Bear

I’ve discovered something today. I’ve discovered that my work of the last month is, well, gone. The Lazarus Drive is corrupted. Either from just being old, or it was somehow twisted by its visit with the Vista OS. Either way, it’s cooked. I could probably reformat it and have a working drive, but really, that…
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