Month: April 2009

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Moving Along

I’m doing AI code, and now the animations almost work. Instead of just running at The Thief they now use one of the preselected animations. Further, I got the system to recognize the different states, so I can more easily see what’s going on. Like the Doc says -> after an attack the default it…
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So Defensive

Yesterday I finally got the backing up thing to work right. Peviously they would just stop for no reason and, gods help me, it looked and worked like ass. Now it’s better. I gave the enemies a distance (a modifiable one at that) to back up and a period of time. So, they will back…
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E-gads, rockstar moment. I was quoted. As in, something that I wrote was used as a reference to prove a point. On Gamasutra. Holy crap. Then the comments talk about it. I wonder/doubt if this will drive traffic here.


The system works now, still without animations, but working nonetheless. I can see the numbers clicking along, and since I know what they mean, I can visualize what they are doing and what they will be doing soon. I’m happy with that.Since I need animations to build the combat collision code I worked on one…
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It’s Alive (sort of)

The AI code works. The tables all dance correctly and It even tells me what is each cell. It’s good. I’m happy with it. It doesn’t work all the way correctly, because I haven’t put the new animations in yet. It doesn’t know when to update the attack strings, so it does it in a…
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Working Two Jobs

I’m getting that trapped feeling again due to things I don’t want to get into here. Not that it isn’t the forum, but specific rants about specific things may directly affect opportunities currently floating. In any event these things depressed me. After going through the “Feeling Rotten” stage and the following “Screw It Despondency” I…
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Tables and Chairs

I got the new AI tables all installed over the weekend. Now that it’s actually there it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The system isn’t done yet, but at least the referential nonsense is good to go. I also pestered my animator to give me some test animations, and I have…
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Right now I’ve got my AI all set up in commented pseudo-code, and I ran head first into a confusion issue. The problem was trying to get the new code to work with the old code, I didn’t see a place to install, a place to even start.The problem is in my variables. Previously, enemies…
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Ninja Ninja

Still ankle deep in AI code, and I’m procrastinating a little bit. Once again I’m finding that once I have the solution, solved the puzzle, that I find myself dragging to implement sometimes. The AI code is no exception. It’s also tinged by the fact that it is going to be big. I mean, it’ll…
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Unsteady Ground

So I got to talking with the new Level Designer about The Cliffs. So far the best idea to come floating from the collaboration is the idea that the cliffs are unstable. Still don’t have a solution to the level though, but this would enhance it a little I think. Basically, I can add scripted…
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Hmm, corruption is everywhere. It’s like I let loose Ahriman into my lands. The code has sections missing, other parts filled with random junk, very little of it compiles. I’ve finally gotten my engine to load again, but I don’t know if the Object Code is still functioning, since it isn’t working in ThiefEd.Evoking the…
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