Month: March 2009

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Nope, title makes no sense today, but my brain is fried. I’ve been crunching new AI code for the last 7 hours and my head meats are sore. I got to the point where I need animations to continue, so that seemed like a good place to stop. I could get more of the AI…
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Virtual Insanity

Got the walking thing all down. Wait, I mean is that I’ve got my enemies walking around their environment in something approaching an intelligent way. I have personally had the walking thing down for a number of years now. So now they know when they’re at a ledge and turn around where appropriate. They stop…
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Artificial Stupidity

I’m finding designing a system straight up, and programming said system are very, very different beasts. My previous programming was progressive. There was no specific thing, just an idea of what I wanted, and little pieces were added and tweaked until I had more or less what I set out to put together. The new…
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