Month: February 2009

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Combating Mediocrity

The Combat system in Thief is designed from the ground up to be simple. Mostly since I’m not that good of a programmer, and further justified because the main focus of the game is supposed to be the platforming. Of course, the next game in the docket of my brain (codename Knight) is all about…
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Game Design 102

Let’s talk theory, mostly because I got to talk about these things recently and they’re fresh on my mind. I was asked, “What is the most important thing about a game,” and what could I do to make a game less fun. The obstinate answer I received was Balance. The concept is that without Balance,…
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Another Day

I recently had another job interview. There was an NDA so I can’t go into the specifics, so just assume I was applying to work as a Game Designer at the CIA. So I went, got to speak to both the Designer in charge of the project and the owner of the company and play…
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Post Post Mortem

Today the Post-Mortem of The Thief’s Tale went live, and consequently somebody may actually be reading this today. If this is your first time here, the link to the previous entries are all listed at the lower right. So if you want even more information than what I could include in the space in the…
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