Month: January 2009

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Now What?

In games, I love “Now What?” moments. Places where you have to sit back and think for a moment and choose the best path. Where sheer impulse takes a back seat to methodical reasoning and tact. In life, I hate it. With a game I have the option to try again, there is no difference,…
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Small Pleasures

I’m knee deep in level building again. Like I said previously, the 3rd level needs some major work. I can see what I was going for in the levels that i have, but it is clear that they were put together during the time before IGF when we thought we could do it all. So…
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More Good News

Okay, this has nothing to do with the Project per se, but I just got my final grade for my final class for my Game Art & Design Certificate and I passed. That’s bloody awesome. So for just the game stuff I rocked out with a 3.4 GPA. Oddly, the last class killed an otherwise…
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The Two Week Test

I learned a trick a while ago from an artist friend of mine. It was a principal he called the Two Week Test (or something similar). Since a person is not able to look objectively at their own work when they are doing it, they have no way of knowing if it is really any…
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