Month: January 2009

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I Can See (Through) You

Blitz Plus doesn’t support alpha channels or .PNG transparency. That’s going to be a problem. I’ve discovered a solution – I can fake it. The technique is something that I’ll refer to as “micro-texturing.” It works like this : Blitz can remove a single “mask” color from a drawn image, usually flat black but more…
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Silver Plated Engine

Nope, the computer is still down. But I have figured out a new engine component that will make the game that much better (see the transitional animation hack post below). The new background artist asked about putting animated bits into the background of the levels, and I told him, “Sure, pretty much if it’s animated,…
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Escape Hatch

When I do get a game job the title will be Escape Velocity, but now I have a plan. It’s a 3 part plan really – organized for easy reading in a bullet style format. 1) Apply for more jobs with an updated resume. Yes, a BA is a fetish object, but no it is…
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Trapped like a rat in a maze without doors. Trapped like a doomed cosmonaut on a space station leaking air. Trapped like I’m in an Iron Lung. Trapped with no way out. As per the technical difficulties post, I’ve got no new game stuff, but I do have some new “student” stuff, so that gets…
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Technical Difficulties

Funny story. My laptop was bought for a dollar. A single, George Washington embellished American dollar. It came from a business that was going down like a plane with one wing, and the boss was liquidating the inventory, something about taxes. Either way, the wife had the option to purchase it for the rock bottom…
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Next Time, Maybe Next Time

Independent Games Festival announced the Student Finalists. The Thief’s Tale in not among them. After the initial crush of disappointment I found that I am okay with that. If I placed, if I won, what then? What new thing do I have to strive for? I don’t know, maybe I’m still in shock, the hope…
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Eeep. Student Finalists announced tomorrow morning. 1-21 will either be a day or great joy or terrible sadness. I feel like I’m on the way up for a roller coaster and I don’t know if the track continues after the first drop. I hope it does.

Protomen – GO!

Yep, I broke it. The music’s gone again and my prototype that I set up doesn’t work. I think I’ve complained about the sound and music system implemented in Blitz and how it was designed by somebody with either a passing knowledge of computers, noises or both. So working with the code is akin to…
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I Can Do Science Me / Deadline v2.0

Lots of good stuff going on recently. I’ll start with the newest. – My Post Mortem is scheduled to be published by Game Career Guide on Friday. That’s awesome. Finally some of what I write will be read by game people. I mean, you may be reading this, but I write this as if nobody…
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The Dark Side

Holy crap. I’ve made some staggering discoveries. First, The Behemoth game studio has as many people as Star Frog Games. That’s great! It gives me a bad case of hope. Next, I was thinking (look at the last 2 posts) and came to the basic idea that I have no real idea as to why…
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College is expensive. Who knew? I think I was supposed to, you know, before I was accepted to Cal State. I mean, wow. $300.00+ per credit. Holy shit, that’s $1200 goddamn dollars per class. $13,000.00 for the 51 credits to get the degree. That’s 5 bloody digits and it has a comma in the number.…
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