Month: October 2008

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A Weird Place

This post is a little odd, mostly since it’s not just for me and it’s designed to be read by other (specific) people. Almost like a broadcast. You see little children, the internet is a strange and dangerous place (just look for chicks and cups in Google) and sometimes an email that is all alone…
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Almost…but not quite.

I just got a reply about the job that I interviewed for. It turns out that they are going with somebody else. So that, well, sucks. But all is not lost, after all, I am getting TTT done for IGF. Besides, a few things occurred to me: – The listing was pulled down from their…
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6 Weeks

6 Weeks, 42 Days. That’s all that I have left, and the pressure is suddenly on again. This weekend I was struck by despondency. Granted, the last thing that a game needs is for the Producer to get all despondent a little over a month before something is due. But the reason was this :…
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