Month: October 2008

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Seven things on the list, already got 1 knocked off – I’ve stopped level building. Now I’m into considering something terrible – making further cuts. Not for time (although that is always a factor) but for pacing. You see the third level (the Cliffs) is designed to be a slower more cerebral experience, especially right…
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100 Meter Marathon

Almost done. Almost. After yesterday’s, let use the term “outburst” I have some renewed enthusiasm and focus. I also went ahead and wrote down the specific things that actually need doing, not just what I want. I no longer have time for everything I want. I may have just enough time for everything I need.…
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Pyrric Workaholic

I wonder if this is even possible sometimes. Not just the project, but the whole prospect of this as a profession. I wonder, is it worth it. Long hours, hard work (that’s right I said it – anybody who disagrees that Game Design and Programming isn’t hard work had better be prepared to box). and…
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2 Week Notice

2 Weeks. 14 days to get finished, feature complete and get polished. That’s it. I’m screwed. Hmm, other people on the team may read this and hearing (?) the Producer say such a thing may make them think bad things or make them think that they work for Acclaim (ZING!). Right, back to the point.…
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Fable Too

I got Fable II for my birthday. It’s turning out to be the biggest boon the game project may have ever received since it is the biggest time waster I’ve deigned to put hands upon since MGS3. But here’s the key – I’m not wasting that much time with it, the wife is.Fable II has…
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The 66% Solution

Yes, that is Sherlock Holmes reference in the title. Or a reference to an 80’s direct to TV movie called The Peanut Butter Solution that nobody else in the world has ever seen before. Anyway, the issue goes like this – collectively the project is behind schedule. So I made an Executive Decision (another movie…
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Top Down Design / Toys in the Attic

Hmm, no posts since the 13th eh? That brings 2 thoughts to mind. 1 being that I’m lazy (which isn’t exactly true – just too busy to update which is odd considering). 2 – That I’m sure that 80% of blog posts begin with “I know, no update. I’ll try harder I promise.” Which is…
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The Sound of Silence / The Notebook

Got a new notebook. It has graph paper in it. That’s it, just though it was cool. I’m wondering if anybody else would ever care in a million years what my notes for the project look like. As least enough to include it in the game as some kind of extra (after IGF of course).…
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Totally Rotten

I discovered a bug that brought game development to a grinding halt. The moving platforms don’t work anymore. Here’s the issue: The original platforms had coordinates (a great Scrabble word by the way), dimensions, their own modifier for where they were drawn, and a movement amount. The modifier is a non-variable, since is it set…
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Totally Unnecessary

This is for a class that I’m taking. I spent a good amount of time on it, so I thought I’d post it. Remember, you saw it here first at Star Frog Games.

The Cliffs

Yeah, so these are getting hacked down to almost nothing. So, what I will do with them is combine them into the Castle Rooftops/Wall. Then the Castle Interior will be the main highlight of the game (the peanut butter in the Reese’s – so to speak). So that will be good. On tap today is…
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