Month: August 2008

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CheckPoint and the Corpse

I would like to point out that the title sounds like a bad 70’s cartoon, but I won’t. Today, I’ve been able to correct more of the nonsense that happened when I converted the Engine to recognize the stuff from the editor. So now the CheckPoint works. It seemed to be confused by the way…
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Controls are yummy. I was playing with the new bit I had built, and as part of the Miyamoto Theory (see New Plan) I was trying to make the levels work using only the Standard Jump (no Flip or Aerial Dashes) and the Climb ability (which is part of the collision system – so I…
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So I now have got the engine to recognize the save data files spit out by the editor. So, that’s a positive. The bad part is that it seemed to break stuff. Like stupid stuff. In effect, I’ve built the engine to run on a certain kind of input – namely having all of the…
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