Month: July 2008

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Today the plan is to finish installing the lunge code and make the attack be dependent on the distance. I think the seti -New Note. The computer crashed the first time I posted this, like it says next. I just noticed that I was in the process of mis-spelling the word “Settings.” -Speaking of Spelling.…
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10-11 : 3655 Rows

Today I had some time to play with the main system. So I started just doing small tweaking. Now the Double Jump is more of a flip. After considering some of Steve’s (that my friend from High School who is kind enough to provide character designs and animations) artwork for the Thief, I realized that…
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Such a wanker. Totally slacked off and was playing the original Prince of Persia. Good news is that since I designed the Thief game to be a Prince of Persia style game before I ever played it, the gameplay so far is almost nothing like Prince of Persia. It’s like I was given instructions on…
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More archive now, so, yeah. Same as the first chunk of archive, but fresher.

The Game

Okay, so it occurred to me that the Game that I keep mentioning has no context, so here goes. The game is tentatively called The Thief’s Tale and features a main character with the inventive name of The Thief. The goal of the game is to escape a Castle and clutches of The Princess, the…
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So, I was screwing around and I found that I could sell out and put an ad on my page. I don’t know if it does anything at all, but it makes me happy for all the wrong reasons. So, since nobody reads this but me, the link will get zero traffic, but If you…
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So, yeah. Since I haven’t posted all of the archive yet, the Level Editor that I’m currently building is called “ThiefEd” (pronounced Thief-ed, like how a mental child would say Thieved). It is the Level Editor – hence the Ed part- for the game with the working title The Thief’s Tale. Which is in turn…
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Okay, it looks like I can insert a picture. So, there—–>It’s a picture right? ‘Sides my pet name is Sugar Bear, I know, adorable. Plus I own a green sweater just like it.Otherwise, I see no reason to have my pictures in the diary. Maybe images of the project, but not of me. That would…
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CID Welcomes the Google Bot

Hmm, a break from the uploading of the archive for a moment. It seems that the Google Spider finally found me earlier today, when it was doing its internet crawl thing. Oddly, when I type in the exact name of the Diary “Confessions of an Indie Developer” I’m 4th in the list. I’m okay with…
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Dumb, really dumb. That’s what the computer is. I tried to implement the new physics system, and then the program would crash every time it was loaded. So I’ve pondered for the last few days how the heck to test it so I can fix it. -I also caught a weird bug. When you would…
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Two different projects sucks, especially when they are connected. On the one hand I want to build the level editor since it is something new to do. On the other hand, I added some features to the engine and I don’t want to move on until those are all set. So today I’m doing a…
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