Month: July 2008

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New Plan

Okay, so I was thinking about it, and 2 things occurred to me. The first is that the game will probably be shorter than I thought at first. Honestly, I was thinking that 4-5 hours would be a nice short game. Then, after dong some running in my own levels, I found that when I…
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Team Building

Okay, so the Independent Games Festival submission are due on 11-15. Sos it occurred to me that I have an Engine, I have a Level Editor, I have some character designs and a working script (which I am quite proud of – since I wrote comic books and short stories in a previous life). What…
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Yobs man, yobs.

So, found a job on Craigslist. Tester position. It’s one of those “Here’s what we want, and we don’t tell you anything in the description about who, where, what we are,” kind of ads. I did give them the address for this, the Diary That Nobody Reads, so they can see I’m actually doing something…
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Damn all.

So on tap today is ThiefEd, and it is almost to the point where it is feature complete and does what I want it to. In the future will add the in Editor play, but for now, it only needs to work so I can start to create content. – Just created the image database.…
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Release Deadline

I have a deadline now. This will be finished by 11-15 of the Independent Games Festival. So help me. I will cut content to make it happen (then put it back in for general release). But it will be in a playable, feature complete form by then. – This is my serious face: :l


One more thing. Found a way to post images. So, game screens incoming.

ThiefEd Additions

On tap for today, I’m going to go ahead and finish the portal rectangle bits and make the enemy button keep track of the enemy Level – with graphics and everything! -Done. Well, the Portal Rect is done. I’m considering adding a thing to ask, really nicely, if you want to save what you’ve done.…
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Rotten liar I turned out to be. Wax all poetic and then do nothing for 3 months. Well, not quite nothing – I did finish my classes for the Spring, and I got A’s. Plus, I finished the engine. It’s done and feature complete for the most part. The only thing it doesn’t have now…
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Don’t have a lot of time today to wax poetic. Instead, I’m going to make enemies dash proof. -Done. Now when you dash through an enemy they throw you. Nice. I’ll figure out something involving the animation later, but it works for now. -Uncovered a weird bug though. When an enemy reaches the end of…
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There was work done a few days ago, but I did it late and didn’t update the diary. I think it was on the 4th, since that’s the last save file. Anyway, on that day I got the movement thing tweaked, so it fits with the levels better. Also fixed the Fallhurt damage, so you…
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New Plan. I got to thinking about the On Alert mode, and how enemies will be able to see you in two directions and so on. I could not, for the life of me, get that to work from a design perspective. Designing “Stealth” levels and getting the Alert Mode to not be a bad…
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